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The Rechargeable Battery Market Tutorial

Tutorial Content

Global Battery Tutorial Topics

"The Rechargeable Battery Market: value chain and main trends 2013 - 2025"

A. The rechargeable battery market in 2013

- By technology: Lead acid, NiCd, NiMH, Li-ion
- By application: Portable, Industrial, Automotive
- By battery suppliers

B. Li-ion battery value chain (Anode, Cathode, Electrolyte,Separators)

- Market & Trends
- Supplier/Customer relations
- Cost structure (CAPEX, manufacturing cost, etc...) in US, Europe, Japan, Korea or China
- Entry barriers
- New entrants strategy: big chemicals like DUPONT, BASF o small start-up
- Raw materials road map up to 2030

C. xEV market in 2013 and forecasts up to 2025

- Automotive market forecasts from Avicenne and other analysts (micro|Hybrid|P-HEV|EV)
- Car makers strategies
- Advanced Energy Storage (Advanced lead acid|Supercap|NiMH|LIB)
- LIB design for P-HEV & EV markets (Cylindrical, prismatic, pouch|Wounded, stacked, Z fold cells)
- LIB cell, module & pack cost structure 2013-2020

D. Advanced Energy Storage for grid systems & renewable energy

- Market needs (Frequency regulation, renewable energy)
- Advanced Energy Storage system available (NAS, Zebra, Flow batteries, Lead acid, NiCd, LIB...)

E. Could lithium ion replace lead acid?

- Forklift Market
- UPS, Telecom, Back-up
- Medical
- Marine

F. Rechargeable battery market forecasts up to 2025

Who should attend?

 Battery and energy sources users
 Pack assemblers
 Cell makers
 Energy sources suppliers
 Academic researchers
 R&D engineers
 Market researchers
 Safety supervisors
 Battery shippers and disposals
 Equipment Manufacturers
 Others industry members
 Anyone who wants to increase their power sources background

About Christophe Pillot

Christophe has built up considerable expertise in the area of battery market. He joined Avicenne 18 years ago and spent 3 years in Japan analysing the Japanese Electronic, Mobile & Battery market. Christophe has acquired extensive experience in marketing, strategy analysis, technology and financial studies for the battery and power management fields. 

He developped the battery market analysis for Avicenne, which serves more than 180 customers worldwide. Christophe has published several annual surveys such as "The rechargeable battery market 2012-2025"

Globally, he has been involved in more than 200 projects for 100+ customers in the battery value chain. Before joining Avicenne, Mr. Pillot held a key position in France Telecom's innovation division. He has a degree in Chemistry and a MBA in Innovation management from Pays IX Dauphine.

Global Battery Tutorial information


The tutorial lasts for half a day 
- Tuesday 23/09/2014


Nice Acropolis
Esplanade Kennedy
06302 Nice cedex 4

How much?

- € 500 excluding VAT (+20% of VAT) per attendee

How to register :

  • By contacting Jennifer Krief